Monday, May 26, 2008

Michelle's Blog

So it takes to much time for me to write two blogs so I am just going to post my link on here. It is Check it out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Michelle's Wednesday

My day was rather uneventful. I did stats, ate dinner, went to three mission call openings, played piano and waited in vain for a boy to come visit me during visiting hours, but what else is new. My friend Logan is going to Fresno, my FHE brother to Argentina, and some other kid in my ward to Chile. My FHE brother doesn't report until August 20th and he seemed kinda sad. It probably didn't help that everyone else groaned too.
Oh, the most hillarious sign was posted in my lobby:
If you can't read the last part it says: please remember where you are and always remember Jesus!

I would just like to give a big hug to whoever posted that because it is so awkward to see that and it does happen all the time. It is especially awkward when they are in your ward and you have to try and pretend not to notice!!

That was my day! Wish me luck on my racquetball game tomorrow and have a great night!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hieroglyphic Trail Hike March 21 2008

On Friday of the boys' spring break we dragged Dad away from his work and went on a short hike. Isaac wanted to carry all our stuff (which was just a few snacks and water) to help him prepare to go to Havasupai Falls in September.

The wild flowers were beautiful. In the pictures you mostly see yellow but there were also orange, red, purple and white with several varieties of each. The hike is pretty easy but it's a bit of a climb back to some pools of water and some indian petroglyphs. ("Hieroglyphic Trail" was an incorrect name given to it many years ago.)

We saw a big lizard, that looked like he could have been an iguana but he was hiding in a crack so we couldn't see him really well and we couldn't get a picture. We "found" him when Pam was walking by and hearing something move turned back the other direction running into Arnie. Of course, Arnie was not afraid to look and saw that it was a lizard, not a snake.

Fuller Family

I thought we should have a picture of the Family. This is the only picture I had of all of us and it is really old, mom maybe you can help out with that. But here's one for starters.

Michelle's Update

Since I am creating this I guess that means I get to post first. So not much is new in my life right now. I went to conference today and that was really fun. The choir was probably the coolest part, it sounds so much different in person. It's so powerful it's almost like listening to a choir of angels. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera because I knew I would be too far away to get any really good pictures but I did get some pictures of Amy (my room mate) and I on a friends camera that I might be able to get a hold of.

I am also playing racquetball intramurals right now. I have made it to the top three! However, I have only won one game and only played two because I have had two different people forfeit. My other sport endeavours include working out for 2 hours everyday, playing ultimate every Thursday, and homework (it takes a lot out of you)!

BYU is pretty awesome. No, I'm not married yet! Don't worry I don't even have a boyfriend and the one RM I know only admires me for my shaving skills (I'll explain in a bit). Right now my main focus is getting through the rest of the semester. I come home in less than two weeks! I have so far gotten all A's on all my tests and I hope to keep that up through finals. After I come home for a WHOLE week, I'm coming back up for Spring and Summer semester to be a Resident Assistant. The best part about this is that I will be going to school completely free because I also have a full tuition scholarship and being an RA covers my room and board! After that I will be going Fall and Winter again because my best friend is transferring up and we are rooming together. At the end of Winter 2009 I will have been at BYU for SEVEN straight semesters!!!

So I guess I will end with my shaving skills story. I was playing ultimate and this RM named Sheldon who I have known since Summer semester and out of nowhere he says, "You did a really great job shaving." Well I was speechless. I thought he might be being sarcastic. Because I had a big scab across the top of my knee from hitting myself on my drawers and my legs are horribly bruised from Ice skating and various other extreme sports. When I explained this he was like, "No I'm serious, that's really hard to do". (Why he knows that I don't want to know). So now I feel extremely weirded out because I have every guy on my team looking at my legs and I can't figure out why Sheldon was looking that closely at my legs in the first place. However, I am not the only one that has been weirded out by this incident. I was successful is making Leslie, Amy's twin, completely paranoid that guys notice if girls are clean shaven or not! haha

I'm adding some pictures of Amy and I and a picture after an intense game of Ultimate (during Summer). I'm also adding a video of Ultimate (yes, I did play with a broken foot) and one from the last night of summer where I got myself stuck in a... well you will see...

Cute picture of Amy and I!

Amy got hott new biking shorts that made her look like a baboon... I couldn't resist ;)

Halloween... I was a skittle bag and Amy a witch (obviously)

We went all out for the BYU vs Utah Football game!